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My new obsession

Hot on the heels of my in-depth reporting into the brutal murders in Deltona, I present a gripping link to a website one can easily get lost in. An offshoot of McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, McSweeney's has basically resurrected the style and snarkiness of Suck, only without all that unnecessary commentary or ertzats diatribe it was famous for, leaving only the palpalabe remains of something truly, uniquely funny. To get your feet wet, a few suggestions from their rather sizeable menu:

Ike Turner's Guide to Restoring America's Honor

Favorite Gerund Movie Titles, Un-gerunded. (Teh 1!!1 will like this one)

Sexual Euphemism's That Won't Catch On

Fat Ladies Floated In The Sky Like Balloons

An Open Letter To My Boss, Who Was Recently Fired

And that's just a sample. You can spend days there, spelunking their short stories, their endless lists, letters, advice colums, and more, and more, and more...I feel myself growing more and more unemployed by the minute the longer I spend there.

Talk about Pop Music (shooby dooby do wop)

Mark my words, Sirius will be the death of my bank account. It has nothing to do with the monthly fees I must pay to continue to feed my addiction, as the money paid is a pittance compared to the entertainment value I receive from it. Oh no, this is something much more insidious.

Since discovering the etherial broadcast a couple months ago, the most terrible events have been taking place, with an almost alarming frequency. I will hear a song, enjoy it, then find myself immediately drawn back to the house of the devil, wherein all my hard earned cash is tossed on the RIAA pyre in exchange for plastic discs in plastic cases.

But the treasures I have discovered! Hard-Fi! Morcheeba! Diana Krall! The Raconteurs! Angels and Airwaves! I sincerely doubt that any of these bands are making the rounds on terrestrial radio, but I could be wrong - I haven't listened to broadcast since I got signed up.

Wow, I sound like a damn commerical.