Lucky you

I can't keep this stuff to myself

Look, up in the sky!

Superman Returns:

No doubt about it;

Supers is one creepy stalker.

Get him registered.

Iíd love to say that it took me three weeks to come up with that haiku, but clearly, thatís not the case. But somehow, the premise behind this movie seems to parallel my life right now. I feel like Iíve been lost in space for months, trying to figure out exactly what my place is. Am I the web designer? The blogger? The IT admin? The entrepreneur?

As of late, Iíve been none of these.

The other night, I set down a list of everything that I both need to do, and want to do, in the short term future. Itís a surprisingly long list. And no wonder Iíve felt lost - I keep trying to do all of them at once. As a consequence, I get none of them done.

Youíd think I was a wreck lately with all of this soul-searching and whining. But not everything has been a wretched morass. Iím seeing someone new, someone about as different as anyone Iíve ever dated. Sheís not what people might peg as ďmy typeĒ - at least not at first. For example, some people might think sheís out of my league. And this might just be true. But then, I think all men try to date out of their league. It just seems to have worked for me.

At any rate, I plan to spend this weekend going through that list and figuring out a game plan - whatís most important, whatís not important, and everything inbetween. And thenÖ

Alien and Predator, sitting in a tree...

Alien Vs. Predator:

I laughed until Icried. And that's at the eight bucks. I wasted on it.

I knew AVP was bad the moment our heroine gave the List Of Things Not To Do, knowing full well that these rules would be broken within five minutes. Not even the precious Geek Factor could save this movie. Marvel at the aliens that go from facehugger egg to full grown alien in twenty minutes! Giggle mercilessly as every B sci-fi horror movie clichŤ is dug up and beaten mercilessly into your skull! Weep incessantly at the knowledge that you've just given 8 bucks for a movie that deserves P2P more than any other this summer!